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What exactly is bullying? There are three main components of bullying which both parents and children need to understand. These components of bullying include the imbalance of strength and power, aggressive unwanted attention, and repetition of the behavior over time. The following articles focuses on different forms of bullying and warning signs of bullying.
Published by Latresha Byrd 47 months ago in Bullying | +0 votes | 0 comments
Steps to take to prevent or stop bullying when the person bullying or abusing you is a sibling or family member. There are ways to stop bullying and things you can do when a sibling or family member is harming you emotionally or physically. No one should allow themselves to be abused. There is always an answer.
Published by Brinna Blaine 63 months ago in Bullying | +4 votes | 0 comments
Bullies are best tackled, early, by 1st grade,on home turf at your elementary school. You can begin to stem the tide of bullies by shining the spotlight on them, monitoring lunchrooms and playgrounds, and keeping the lines of communication open with your kids.
Published by Sy Kravitz 66 months ago in Bullying | +7 votes | 11 comments
Raising children to be strong and confident enough to be bully-proof requires great attention and unconditional love from the parents. The children at school that are mean to their classmates choose the timid and unsure kids to pick on. Help your child grow into a strong leader who has compassion and can reach out to the timid ones and befriend them.
Published by Susie Klein 66 months ago in Bullying | +0 votes | 0 comments
How are bullies created? Is bullying normal? Is bullying natural? Do wild animals bully each other? How many children are the victims of bullying? Are parents hypocrites that actually set examples for their children to become bullies? What can we do to reduce bullying in schools? Should parents concentrate more on preventing bullies?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 67 months ago in Bullying | +15 votes | 7 comments
What do a parent need to do to protect their children from bullies. Is your child likely to commit suicide because of bullying? where do we go to find the answers? what are our schools doing to help with the problem of bullying. We need stronger legislation put in place to make f bullies accountable for their actions and schools accountable for their the safety of out children. Suicide by bullying is becoming a major issue in schools throughout this country.
Published by Francina Marie Parks 68 months ago in Bullying | +3 votes | 4 comments
Bullying is a serious problem. You need to be observant in order to look for signs if your child is being bullied.
Published by Felisa Daskeo 73 months ago in Bullying | +30 votes | 18 comments
an article about bullying.
Published by Flower Boho 77 months ago in Bullying | +7 votes | 2 comments
Many children experience bullying of some sort during their childhood and experience the emotional confusion that comes with it. When a child who is bigger, stronger, or older picks on a smaller, weaker, or younger child for whatever reason, the bully has chosen to act inappropriately and should be confronted.
Published by Kimberly Hartfield 82 months ago in Bullying | +2 votes | 1 comments
“Sack tapping” is a common practice among juvenile boys and teens. Literally, the act of sack tapping is when an individual either slaps or punches a male in the testicles...
Published by Donald Pennington 90 months ago in Bullying | +7 votes | 8 comments
What are the signs of a bully and how do you recognize them?
Published by Lorie Spencer 91 months ago in Bullying | +6 votes | 0 comments
Hazing has been a huge problem since it resulted to many student deaths all over the world for so long. Despite being outlawed almost everywhere, it still persists. Know more about it now to be able to contribute to its ultimate demise.
Published by Melanie Ramirez 91 months ago in Bullying | +23 votes | 10 comments
Why children bully others and how to cope with the effects.
Published by Natasha Polak 91 months ago in Bullying | +7 votes | 4 comments
When your family and friends bully you with manipulation, what can you do and how do you recognize it?
Published by Lorie Spencer 91 months ago in Bullying | +5 votes | 0 comments
Dealing with parents that can't seem to let go or that feel like you owe them. This is not easy and sometimes emotionally painful.
Published by Lorie Spencer 91 months ago in Bullying | +2 votes | 0 comments
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